Open calls -audition call
Barker-theatre, the Free Stage of Performing Arts in Turku, Saturday 16th of April 2011, 12 am

The open audition for the -performance by Tomi Paasonen and Tiago Da Cruz will take place in the Barker-Theatre, Turku. The audition is open for everybody. There is no need for registration in advance. is a dance performance combining science, art and technology. It explores the biological processes and the water of the Baltic Sea. is a part of the Curated Expedition to the Baltic Sea -project and Turku 2011 -programme. The production partners are PAA and Capsula. features freezing, melting and subliminating water, projecting macro- and microscopic imaging and ice that melts during the performance. It means that the dancers are going to deal with ice, water and nudity. The performance combines contemporary dance,  media- and sound art and it´s choreography is also inspired by the movement of the Baltic Sea plankton.

>> More information on Capsula website