Valise Pédagogique @ Afropixel
The Afropixel festival is going on right now in Dakar, Senegal...

One of the featured projects is Valise Pédagogique Création Interactive, a suitcase filled with open tools and technologies. This project has been initiated by Jean-Noël Montagné and is being developed further here by Jean-Noël, Olivier Heinry and Afropixel participants from Senegal, Mali, Morocco and Martinique. The suitcase wants to demonstrate that there is a critical mass of open tools and technologies available today that one can get for an affordable price, which together constitute a very powerful tool for creating interactive, audiovisual projects.

The suitcase contains:
- 6 X 14 different sensors (suitcase is made for 6 or 12 students/learners)
- Freeduino (open source hardware) interfaces.
- a minicomputer+ screen, running Puredyne (Pixelache Software of the Year 2010) and a special Pure Data configuration
- a dozen actuators, and hundreds multimedia patches for real time interaction (image/video/sound/3D/text)

This project is related to an earlier project by Jean-Noël & co - CRASLAB, a room equipped with a large selection of sensors and actuators + 3 computers (mac, linux, pc) which allows anyone interested in interactive technologies to try out the possibilities offered by open tools and technologies.

>> More information about Valise Pédagogique Création Interactive in French