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Update: Coop Camp Keynote 16.8. Diego Cruz Martinez (Mexico/Finland): Autonomous Media projects in Mexico

Perjantaina 16.8. / Friday 16.8. from 18.00, Pispala Library (Tahmelankatu 14, 33240 Tampere)

This year's Coop Camp keynote for the 'communications infrastructure' thematic, is now confirmed: Diego Cruz Martinez has become known in Finland, above all, as an engineer of the Voice for Indigenous Villages community radio project in Oaxaca. Voice for Indigenous Communities (Pasa la Voz) project , founded in 2007 by Finnish People's Radio Organization, supports the indigenous communities in the state of Oaxaca in Southern Mexico by developing community radios.

The indigenous people living in the remote villages in the mountains of Oaxaca are often isolated from the mass media; the radio, tv and mobile signals seldom reach over the mountains and the newspapers are not distributed to such remote areas. The issues relevant to the indigenous communities are virtually absent from the Mexican commercial media. Through the community radio the indigenous people become the subjects of communication. Community-based radio is an accessible media which allows the villagers to distribute information, raise awareness of their rights, and to promote their own language and culture. In the project community radios were being used in creative ways to help to solve day-to-day concerns, strengthen the indigenous people’s identity and as an entertainment. Read more.

Note the presentation will be in english, and will be streamed for those outside Tampere or unable to travel.