Traveling without moving

One of the Pixelache 2008 Helsinki seminars will be 'Traveling without moving'. If we want to reduce our personal ecological footprints, we need to radically cut down the amount of flights we take. Many of us are acutely aware about this fact, but at the same time flying is cheaper than ever and regular face-to-face meetings are considered a necessity in many organisations. What are the possible solutions for this?


The seminar is organised in collaboration with John Thackara / Doors of Perception, who is a great expert on this topic (see blog posting by John about this).


( A related story from the past, before the time of Pixelache: In year 2001, we - media art collective - initiated, a project to promote slow traveling. The name of the project means 'flight catastrophe' in English, and it was launched on 10 September 2001, one day before You-Know-What... As you can probably guess, this project was one of our less successful ones...  )