The labs are back!
There seems to be a renaissance of experimental media labs going on at the moment. While some of the big ones have closed during the past years (IVREA, Media Lab Europe, Interactive Institute) the small ones are thriving - Kitchen Budapest has produced an impressive amount of work in a couple of years, FabLabs are opening around the world (our friends in Ghent just opened one), Hackerspaces as well (there is now one in Helsinki as well), Baltan Laboratories recently organised The Future of the Lab seminar and LABtoLAB network just started its activities.

Pixelache Helsinki presents annually fresh work from various art / design / media / technology labs and study programmes. Pixelache Helsinki 2010 features work by researchers and students from Carnegie Mellon University, Valand c:art:media, Piet Zwart Institute and many more, see updated programme.