Summer workshops in Malmö / Sweden and Kemiö / Finland

The first Pixelache Summerschool will be organised between 7-8 August on the island of Kemiö, more information will be published soon!


Meanwhile, please have a look at the impressive lineup of workshops that David Cuartielles & co are offering later in the summer in Malmö:


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Between August 18th and 29th we will run 7 simultaneous workshops in open software and hardware for designers and artists at our studio in Malmo, Sweden. Themes will be related to either physical computing or computer vision. There are both basic and advanced workshops that vary in length between 2 and 3 days.

The workshop fee will include all the materials (check each workshop description for details), documentation, and some food and beverages during the workshop hours. Each workshop is limited to 15 participants and may require some previous knowledge in programming or basic electronics. We will count with some relevant international teachers and lecturers during the workshops. You may consider participating in several of these workshops or just spend two full weeks with us in Malmo. Please check the event's details, fees, exact dates and in depth descriptions for each workshop at our eventwax' site by clicking on the link at the end of the post


This basic workshop will introduce you to the basic use of Arduino. The goal is to provide you with open source tools, introduce you to the creation of your own personal prototyping laboratory. This will be a three days workshop taught by D. Cuartielles with support from the whole 1scale1 Studio joining for the different sessions.

Dates: 18th August '08 – 20th August '08


This workshop is an introduction to the development of the controller part of video games design where we focus upon physical inputs and how we can create a game in relation to this input. This will be a three days workshop with D. Cuartielles, T. Olsson, D. Sjunnesson.

Dates: 25th August '08 – 27th August '08


The theme for this workshop is displays where we focus on the construction of displays out of alternative materials like electromagnets and thermosensitive ink. The purpose is to introduce the participants to a different way of thinking about materials and how they are normally used. This is a two days workshop by T. Olsson and D. Sjunnesson, assisted by D. Cuartielles.

Dates: 21st August '08 – 22nd August '08


This advanced workshop will guide you into making your own Arduino compatible boards, program them, and manufacture them in small size series. You will be introduced to contemporary hardware design techniques what will allow you designing your own boards, shields for Arduino, etc. You will also get introduced to possible ways of making your homebrew board to be part of the Arduino IDE. This two days course will be taught by D. Cuartielles with assistance from the 1scale1 team.


Dates: 28th August '08 – 29th August '08


Processing is a programming language and integrated development environment for the computer arts and visual design communities.This workshop will work well as an introduction to the other processing-oriented workshops held by 1scale1. This two days workshop will be taught by F. LBarrajon and A. Goransson.


Dates: 18th August '08 – 19th August '08


The aim for the workshop is also to give the participants knowledge on how to effectively use ReactiVision to produce interactive art pieces. We will be using Processing together with ReactiVision to explore new ways of producing art installations. This three days workshop will be taught by F. LBarrajon, A. Goransson and T. Olsson.

Dates: 20th August '08 – 22nd August '08


Processing will be used as a way to create and prototype different ideas from an artistic perspective. Using Processing as programming language we are going to create three different types of artificial life forms that will co-exist on the screen. This three days workshop will be taught by F. LBarrajon, A. Goransson and will count with a special guest to be confirmed.

Dates: 25th August '08 – 27th August '08


It is also possible to subscribe to two full weeks of workshops of your choice. You can decide which one of the workshops you will attend a-la-carte and will receive all the materials for all the workshops.

Dates: 18th August '08 – 29th August '08