Process and the production of presence
Photo: Process as Paradigm exhibition (curated by Susanne Jaschko & Lucas Evers)

Reminder - Susanne Jaschko will give a presentation next week on Wednesday 6 October, 6 pm at Pixelache office in Cable Factory, Helsinki (Tallberginkatu 1 C, 4th floor).

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Process and the production of presence

Dr Susanne Jaschko is a Berlin based independent curator of contemporary art with a focus on experimental art and digital culture. Her most recent project was the exhibition and workshop 'Process as Paradigm' at Laboral Centro del Arte in Gijon/Spain, curated in collaboration with Lucas Evers.

Susanne will talk about the idea behind the 'Process as Paradigm' exhibition and another project that at first glance does not seem to be related to it: Urban Interface Berlin/Oslo -- an exhibition project located at the intersection of private and public space. What links these projects though is a search for art that changes over time, that is temporal and processual. She will discuss the concept of process in art and its particular nature and her interest in artistic work that intersects with life.

Susanne is one of the invited guest curators for Pixelache Helsinki 2011. The title for her  contribution to Pixelache 2011 is ‘Map me if you will' and it presents a number of projects that bring into play intriguing methods to visualise data of everyday life in dynamic and physical ways.

Previously she was head of exhibition at the Netherlands Media Art Institute in Amsterdam and worked as a curator/deputy director of transmediale festival for art and digital culture in Berlin.

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