Printemps (im)médiat!


The first rehearsal of the French Complaints Choir (photo: Juha Huuskonen)


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We are organising a discussion around Printemps (im)médiat! and Finnish media art scene on Thursday 3 April 6-8 pm in Kiasma Theatre. The discussion will be in Finnish, see more info at Monthly events page. 


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Printemps (im)médiat! - a season of Finnish media art in Paris has just begun! Over next three months you will have a chance to see Finnish video art, performance art, interactive / digital art presented in various locations around Paris, full programme info at The project is a part of "100% Finlande" cultural season.


Printemps (im)médiat! features:

* Exhibition of 'Community' artwork by Terike Haapoja

* Screening of films by Anu Pennanen  

* The French edition of Complaints Choir, a project by Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen

* Amorph 08! performance art festival 

* Nox Borealis, a new composition by Kaija Saariaho, featuring sounds of northern lights recorded by professor Unto Laine, with a visualization by Jean-Baptiste Barrière

* Interactive dance performance by Ari Tenhula 

* Sähkömetsä, a screening focused on the history of Finnish video art, curated by Mika Taanila

* A screening of Finnish video art curated by Cecile Dazor 

* Mal au Pixel 2008 focusing on the theme 'public space' (featuring Guerrilla VJs project from Finland, as well as Finnish electronic music artists and VJs)


Printemps (im)médiat! also features collaborations between French and Finnish artists, and many Finnish media art organisations are presenting work from France this year (for example Pixelache this year worked with HeHe on Vihreä Pilvi / Nuage Vert project).


Printemps (im)médiat! is organised by Institut Finlandais with funding from Ministry of Education. The Finnish partners of the project are Avanto, Amorph!, AV-arkki, CARTES, Frame, m-cult, MUU and Pixelache.