Pixelache Networking event
Above: Pixelache 2011 Networking event (photo by Miska Knapek)

Here is a list of upcoming events and projects that were presented in Pixelache Networking event on Sunday 13 March:

Pixelache Helsinki:
* Open call for proposals for the next edition coming soon!

* A new node in Pixelache Network in Warsaw.
* Date: 21st May 2011
* Web: http://www.pixelache.ac/polopiksel
* Theme: Permaculture in the Urban Ecosystem
* Place: Studio Cukry (http://www.cukry.com.pl/en/index.html)

Capsula Expedition to the Baltic Sea:
* Searching for dancers for the Vol.at.ilit.y performance by Tomi Paasonen & Tiago Da Cruz
* www.capsula.org.es

* A new digital art centre in Kista / Stockholm.
* http://www.digitalartcenter.se

* Volunteering (Climate Change & Nuclear Energy issues)
* A local discussion group for artist, designers, etc - brainstorming about new projects related to ecological issues
* People who are interested should contact Jussi Kivipuro (email is firstname dot surname (at) greenpeace dot org)
* http://www.greenpeace.org

M.A.R.I.N. Nordic – Baltic Sea Residencies for Art and Science:

* June & August 2011
* CALL OPEN FEB 26th – MAR 21st 2011
* http://marin.cc/residency/cfp/

LabtoLab meeting in Nantes:
* Meeting on media labs in Nantes (open for participation), 8-10 June
* http://www.labtolab.org

Mal au Pixel in Paris:
* The 6th edition of Mal au Pixel, 9-19 June
* http://www.malaupixel.org

Cartes Flux:
* An open call for the next edition of Cartes Flux, deadline 29 April
* http://cartes-art.fi/2011/01/flux2011

Swiss Mechatronic Art Society Summer Camp:
* An electronics hacking summer camp
* Will be organised somewhere in Switzerland
* http://www.mechatronicart.ch

DNA Immunity project:
* Send your DNA here:
* http://www.dna-immunity.com