Pixelache Helsinki 2011 - Preliminary programme announcement
The 10th edition of Pixelache Helsinki festival will take place between 10-13 March 2011.

As a sneak preview, we are happy to reveal information about three guest curators and programme themes they have proposed. These were selected from the open call which was sent out in spring 2010.


Dr Susanne Jaschko is a Berlin based independent curator of contemporary art with a focus on public and experimental art and digital culture. Her most recent project was the Process as Paradigm exhibition in Laboral Centro del Arte in Gijon, curated in collaboration with Lucas Evers. In addition to her independent work, she has previously worked at the Netherlands Media Art Institute in Amsterdam and as a curator/deputy director of transmediale festival for art and digital culture in Berlin. The working title for Susanne's contribution to Pixelache 2011 is 'Mapping life' and it brings together a number of projects and protagonists who have found intriguing methods to map life in dynamic and physical ways.
>> www.sujaschko.de


Pixelache 2011 will feature a programme section dedicated to computational photography. This new area brings media artists, photographers and engineers together. The true expressive possibilities of today's digital cameras can be unleashed once the conventional truths of how to use them are abandoned and they are programmed to create images in alternative and often surprising ways. This opens the concepts of photography and camera to discussion and redefinition, and gives rise to possible hacker cultures. The programme section consists of featured artists and works, and possibly a seminar and a workshop. More details will follow in an open call which will be announced in early autumn 2010. This programme section has been proposed by Markku Nousiainen, a producer employed by Aalto University Media Factory, and a media artist currently working on a collective and participatory street art project.
>> www.aaltomediafactory.fi
>> www.giantsofthehoods.com


GroWorld Bazaar is a collection of projects exploring connections between plants and people. The Groworld initiative brings together three ‘forces’ capable of transforming the world on human and ecological scales: culture, gardening and technology. These three strands of inquiry inform and support each other, aiming to forge new symbiotic relationships between the post-industrial human societies and the rest of the Earth. This programme is drawn from the works of FoAM and will be presented by Lina Kusaite, an artist and character designer who grows plants and builds patabotanical worlds, and Dave Griffiths, who makes computer games about plants, and performs as part of slub - a livecoding band. Lina and Dave are both part of FoAM.
>> fo.am/groworld
>> www.pawfal.org/dave
>> www.cocooncharacters.com