Pikslaverk Reykjavik / Call for Participants



November 6 - 9, 2008. Reykjavik, Iceland



The Pikslaverk 2008 conference is the Icelandic component in the international network of Pixelache conferences. It is organized by Lorna (the Icelandic organization for electronic arts) in collaboration with The Icelandic Academy of the Arts and The Reykjavik Municipal Art Galleries. Through a series of lectures, presentations and performances, this year's conference will continue Helsinki's theme on education and act as a precursor to Bergen's them on Free, Libre and Open Source Software by focussing on artists' use of computer programming code to create works of art. Invited and selected guests will present a variety of views regarding issues relating to artistic applications of computer programming code. Amongst the questions that will be explored are:


* Can we view computer programming code as a distinct artistic medium and if so, what are the conceptual and aesthetic implications?


* Does it matter whether or not artists do their own programming or hire professional programmers to do it?


* Can the "open-sourcing" of artistic code aid in the long-term preservation of this type of artwork?


Call for Participants - deadline 30 September 2008! Please send in your applications asap!


More information: www.pikslaverk.org