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Open Map Workshop at Invisible City WDC2012

You've been involved in Pixelache Helsinki activities/festival past and/or present? Join us in our open map workshop charting out the connections among the Pixelache -related scene(s), as a contribution to Invisible City WDC2012 event (facebook event).

Our plan is to map and visualize the history and connections between different activities, organisations and people in the digital culture scene of Helsinki / Finland. We are joined by Minna Henriksson, who has worked previously on social-mapping projects. This occasion we will make our relational map on paper, and use DOT language to make a digital version we release afterwards.

We have a table among the open data people in Kulmasali, Korjaamo, on Saturday 4th February from 14:00-20:00. Come and add your entries and/or remind us of what we have forgotten!