Recommended events
Megapolis2027, the seventh urban festival of the environmental organisation, Dodo, brings together activists, artists and groups from around Helsinki and also farther afield under the theme of urban activism on 6th October at Kiasma from 11-18.

In the city of the future, the inhabitants will decide the kind of environment in which they want to live. The Megapolis2027 event uses talks, teams and, above all, activism to make visible how this is already happening.

The events of the one-day symposium will include talks about the kind of environmental activism that exists in the world, what art activism might be, and how urban forces for change can be harnessed into action to make the environment better. Megapolis2027 also includes hands-on activities and examples of good environmental activism. The event seeks to encourage citizens towards bold collective action and fearless experimentation. More information on the day's program here!