Media Facades Festival
Photo: Giants of the Hoods

Media Facades Festival will take place during 27 August - 2 September in seven cities: Berlin, Brussels, Helsinki, Liverpool, Budapest, Linz, Madrid.

The festival features works which are displayed on big screens in public space, inluding Graffiti Analysis by Evan Roth (in Brussels+Berlin), City Sleep Light by Antoine Schmitt (in Brussels+Berlin), Workshop Artvertiser by Julian Oliver and Damian Stewart (in Brussels) and many more...

The festival premieres new works from Finnish media artists Hanna Haaslahti (in Brussels) and Heidi Tikka (in Helsinki) and also two new projects which utilise Animata, Pixelache Software of the Year 2009: Giants of the Hoods (in Helsinki) and European Citi(zen)s (in Budapest).

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