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Hacking and farming

This summer artists and hackers will go camping and farming outdoors!

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:: ESTIVE NUMÉRIQUE | DIGITAL PEAK 2010 | Péone, Alpes Maritimes, France.

From 20 to 26 July 2010, at the edge of the National Park of Mercantour in the Alpes Maritimes, on the Riviera, close to 6000ft high (1800m alt) on the Peone country land, artists, hackers, scientists, scholars, activists, DIY enthusiasts and general public will meet at a summercamp of view sharing and research about the following subjects:

  • Digital technologies and heritage

  • Agriculture, pastoral breeding in the digital and robotic age

  • Digital technologies and environment protection

  • Bio-hacking, alternative food

  • Free and alternative medical equipment

  • Autarchy, autonomy in remote zones in the digital age

  • Alternative energy

  • Mesh communication networks in non-flat territories (cities, mountains)

  • Media broadcasting

  • Digital tools for democracy

  • Digital technologies and private life protection

  • Workshops, hackerspaces and fablab in local and international context


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:: PIKSEL SUMMER CAMP | Skjerjehamn [Norway] | 02.-08. August 2010

Piksel Summer Camp is international gathering of artists, developers and creators working with free and open technologies, taking place at the idyllic island of Skjerjehamn outside Bergen, Norway.

The Summer Camp is a participatory event aiming to bring forth new, fruitful collaborations, organized according to BarCamp principles and in the spirit of free and open source development.

The program will consist of presentations, workshops and performative events proposed and organized by the participants themselves, before and during the Summer Camp. A particular focus is set on hands-on exploration, discussion and development of tools and applications for open video editing technologies.


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:: KULTIVATOR | The Wedding between Art and Agriculture

Manifestation for a new relationship

Background: In late 2008, Art foundation Littoral, UK asked Kultivator to arrange one out of three european preparational meetings that aims to programme an EU/international art and agricultur conference in London 2011. As an answer to this, and as a summing up of almost five years of research and activities in the field of art+agriculture, Kultivator intends to host an international meeting that formalizes our network, and manifests publicly the relation and the fertility of this field. The location is our farm in Dyestad, Öland, Sweden, and the conference will take the form of a wedding and follow the rituals and structures of a traditional peasant wedding, lasting for three days.


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:: BARNCAMP 2010 | 11-13 June, Wye Valley, UK

This event is already fully booked!

BarnCamp 2010 is two days of workshops on topics ranging from renewable energy to foraging for food to citizen journalism to using free software for activism, up to three nights of camping, open space sessions, evening entertainment, great food on a beautiful farm co-op high in the Wye Valley.