Finland goes public
Last week the Finnish Government made an important decision - that all public institutions should make their data easily available in a digital form, without cost. Announcement about this in Finnish

At the moment there is a lot of information that can be given out only as paper prints, through cumbersome bureaucratic routines, often with an additional fee for the one who is asking for the info.

With this decision Finland is trying to keep up with similar efforts in many other countries. It's pretty clear that open public databases will be very valuable in future, via various applications that put this information into good use.

Pixelache's contribution to the open data sphere is our collaboration with Helsingin Energia - the real-time energy consumption data of Helsinki region was made public in connection with the open call for artworks.

Helsinki Region infoshare is a good information resource about open data projects in Helsinki region and Finland.

If you want to find out what artists do (or would like to do) with open data, please join the map me if you will seminar on Friday!