Featured labs
Every year Pixelache Helsinki features contributions from several academic and independent art/design/media/tech labs. This year there are so many of them that I will only pick some highlights here (see the


Our fablab guests this year come from Ghent / Belgium and Paris / France:

Lieven & Kurt from Timelab are hosting a Mini-CNC-workshop and will show the results in Camp Pixelache exhibition.

Mag/Lab will demonstrate their FabBot tool and present some examples of the designs created at Mag/Lab, also in Camp Pixelache exhibition.

We will also organise an informal get-together for people interested in Fablabs. This will take place on Saturday 12 March 12:00 at Camp Pixelache exhibition in Gallery Augusta (we will gather around the Timelab setup).

Art / Design / Tech / Media labs

As an additional part of this year's Computational Photography programme, the students of Aalto University have participated in Experimental Project in Computational Photography course and created works that will be shown in Camp Pixelache exhibition.

Catherine Lenoble will give a presentation about the LabtoLab project in Camp Pixelache on Saturday and will also present the "Mapping media labs in Europe" publication which just came out of the printers. Catherine will also participate in the Pixelversity Open Circle discussion event on Sunday 13 March.

A big group of students and staff members of Plymouth University i-DAT programme will be joining us as well as three students from Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam (both will present their work in Camp Pixelache on Saturday 12 March).

Other labs and collectives involved in this year's Pixelache are Kitchen Budapest, FoAM, Hackteria, Unsworn Industries and many more!