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"We Have An Important Role in the World.. The Field of Cultural Evolution is Vital Right Now"
RT @AFProverbs: A friend is like a water source for a long journey. #Luo #AfricanProverb
RT @extinctsymbol: Imagine if all the eco-yuppies who think they're so cool because they go to Burning Man were to go on a anti-pipeline pr…
RT @teemul: Finland was once dominant in mobile with Nokia and is now making a comeback with virtual reality
RT @shaunwalker7: Fascinating, depressing longread on how oldschool diplomacy & actually understanding a country now raises suspicions http…
RT @extinctsymbol: “We’re just tired of the rape of Mother Nature,” Spotted Wolf said. “We’re fighting extinction.”
RT @UNOCHA: #Syria is the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time. Close to 5,000,000 people have fled the country. We cannot continue to l…
The tweets of a young girl in Aleppo: Will a seven-year-old shock us into action? /via @globeandmail
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Lessons in life and the universe from a cup of tea | Helen Czerski #SundayPhysics
This is the most dangerous time for our planet | Stephen Hawking : "To learn above all a measure of humility."
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Conversations with grandma: 'When are you going to get married?'
Scots-Irish Friendship Boost! Irish leaders lend support to 'positive' Nicola Sturgeon #BRexit #SCOremain #NIremain
Stone Roses - Fools Gold (Full Version) #madchester "The gold road's sure a long road.." #Grounded <<3
Happy Mondays - Wrote For Luck (1989) #madchester live "he cant sign he doesnt give a fxck, its not the X factor"
Inspiral Carpets - Sackville from Life (1990) #madchester <<3
Happy Mondays - Squirrel & G-Man 24 Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out) 1987 #madchester <<3
Healing the Heart of Democracy: Parker Palmer holding tension+diferences creatively #PopovaSundays via @brainpicker