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Bacterial life forms that could be 50,000 years old found in caves in Mexico
More sadness: Muslim on muslim terrorism. Over 70 killed in Isis suicide attack on Sufi shrine in Pakistan. Salaam.
Mark Zuckerberg pens major Facebook manifesto on how to burst the bubble #algorithms #globalpolitics
10s of millions of people.. Famine looms in 4 countries as aid system struggles to cope. #migrant #epistemologies
12 million people. Famine looms in four countries as aid system struggles to cope, experts warn
Me an ma Wormies #1 #nofilter #vermicomposting 8th Feb. 2017
Moonlight’s writer Tarell Alvin McCraney: 'the story needed to be out there'
UK issues posthumous pardons for thousands of gay men
"Silent Spring": Rachel Carson & Culture-Shifting Courage to Speak Inconvenient Truth to Power via @brainpicker
'I was murdered in Auschwitz': victims of Holocaust remembered on Twitter
Dr Hannah Fry explores Alexa's voice recognition skills & if they can help you or not? #alogirthms #smalgorithms
Woman to marry homeless man she found rifling through bin 40 years ago
Austria's new president calls for a tolerant nation and united Europe
'Just don't stare': a night of nudity and dancing at the art gallery #nakedfestival
Scottish cold war nuclear submarine collision kept secret for 43 years. Fancy that, where East met West wi no sparks
RT @WorldAndScience: What a virus actually looks like
RT @Channel4News: Hundreds of thousands of people take part in Women’s Marches across America and the world #womensmarch…
The Future is Female, "gradual usurpation of leadership” predicts Nikola Tesla (1926) #popovasundays @brainpickings
Women's March on Washington and other anti-Trump protests around the world - live coverage
Important. Chelsea Manning: majority of prison sentence commuted by Obama
RT @evgenymorozov: Freedom! "We don't need to use any of the data about you to...manipualte you. We want to give you the data so that you m…
RT @stalfel: Or, as Jean Ziegler aways says: Development aid is not about giving more, but about stealing less.
Influx of refugees leaves Belgrade at risk of becoming 'new Calais' #migrant #epistemologies
Rachel Carson's Touching Farewell to Her Dearest Friend and Beloved #PopovaSundays via @brainpicker
Och! We almost forgot. The slave trade made Scotland rich. Now we must pay our blood-soaked debts | Stephen McLaren
@bytetime I suspect it hasnt got any better eh? i heard 40s too