Helsinki Inside⋅Out

Helsinki Inside⋅Out is an experiment emerging from the previous Camp Pixelache activities (2010-2014). Once again, we are looking to the participants and attendees of the festival to contribute content, in the form of experiences offered to other festival-goers. But unlike the camps of the past, which took place in one concentrated location each, Helsinki Inside⋅Out is attempting to collect a wide variety of activities across numerous locations -- locations which are also volunteered by you, the living public.

Inside⋅Out is an inversion of our theme Helsinki Outside⋅In (which collects existing local cultural activities that approach space in novel ways). Here, we are opening the programme up to you as a blank canvas. We are asking you to present your own interpretations of the Living Spaces theme in the form of self-organised experiences. Like past camp events, these may be workshops, tutorials, performances, games, tours, discussions, presentations, debates or something else entirely. Yet this time we are asking, in addition to your experiential content, to possibly offer physical places for these activities to occur.

This is an experiment; an attempt to peel back the blanket of urban isolation and open up places normally considered 'private' (apartments, homes, studios, office spaces, storage units) for temporary 'public' use. The content of Inside⋅Out will be created by you; Pixelache serves merely as an organising platform to announce these activities and feature them in our festival. We will attempt to match orphaned experiences to unfilled spaces, but our involvement ends there. We ask you to open your doors and make things come to life behind the many walls of this city.