Vermicomposting workshop

Join this ongoing workshop to learn about the benefits of vermicomposting and how to start your own. Aimo Turunen from Kiteen Mato ja Multa Oy will tell us about the most crucial parts in successful vermicomposting. For example, did you know it takes about a month for a new vermicompost to really get going? Also, you shouldn’t put animal producsts (milk, meat) in your vermicompost since they are harmful for the worms and will make your compost stink. Plant-based products are ideal nutrition for worms. Plant fibre-based bedding in the vermicompost is an excellent way to keep the compost moist and air-conditioned. Well, these are just a few things you should know about vermicomposting – come learn more at Foodycle! The workshop does not require any prior knowledge of the subject.