Tasting and creative study on tomatoes workshop

Porridge and Potatoes share an interest in gastronomy and eating habits and believe in the power of friendly conversations. They organize food tasting/testing events open for everyone. Their main scope is tasting and introducing Finnish products strictly fixed to certain calendar dates and religious holidays, including Runeberg’s Day (Runeberg’s tart), Easter (mämmi), Walpurgis (sima) or Harvest (forest berries, vegetables, fruits). The tasted products usually range from mass industry’ to small enterprises’ products, including in some cases organic and gluten-free items, and even self-made versions.

For Foodycle, they propose a tasting experience on tomatoes, to reflect on the notion of harvest, as food cycle, and the way food industry has ‘stolen’ the harvest, by providing veggies all year round. You will have the possibility to start a discussion about what you ate and probably learn some unsuspected datas about food and even your own food habits.

Open to all, unless you are allergic to tomatoes. No specific knowledge required