Senegalese Food Tour workshop

Senegale Geographer Gastronome Saly Wade has brought small pieces of Senegal in her suitcase and she is taking you on very special taste tour.

Senegalese Food Tour is a practical demonstration in every sense of the term; that gastronomy is a number one preoccupation in all societies, pervasive in their cultures, economies and identities. Eating remains the most natural, accessible, immediate and efficient of everyday life pleasures, and probably for a long time still so.

Saly will first introduce a series of ingredients, some exotic, tasting surprisingly familiar, some familiar, used in new ways to amaze your tongue. Together you will compose, cook a menu and savor it. Na ress ak jamm! (Bon appétit in Wolof or more literally ‘happy digestion’)

Saly Wade is the founder of the Good Foood Company and she believes that while still living with our time and its take away food culture, we can invent countless new models for healthy food habits. She also believes that African societies have strong assets to extract themselves from an ever increasing food domination, as producers of significant agricultural resources.

Open to all. No specific knowledge required, just love for food!