1st Stop on Virtuality Grand Tour

The Pixelversity cluster theme ‘Virtuality, Social Identity & Augmented Reality’ begins its activity on Thursday 26.1. (today!) with the first stop on the Virtuality Grand Tour. A ‘grand tour’ was, in the tradition of classical learning, a travel around cultural landmarks. In this theme we revive the practice online.

Each stop on the Virtuality Grand Tour (VGT) explores different online platform(s) and tools, and is hosted by a particular persons. Pixelversity facilitator Andrew Paterson starts with exploring some online organisational tools, including Twitvisio (Twitter video-hangout), Doodle (event/poll scheduler) and Etherpad (collaborative writing). The event begins at 18.00 EEST / +2 GMT by signing in with a Twitter account to Twitvisio #pixelversity channel.