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Misc / Recommended events
AvoinGLAM / OpenGLAM group in Helsinki are arranging a walking-talking expedition on Eastern Helsinki's Vartiosaari island this upcoming Wednesday 15th May. The theme will be Openness - from artists and cultural producers point of view. Confirmed artists...
Misc / Pixelversity / Recommended events
Family-friendly Recycling Factory / Kierrätystehdas events on eco-design and sustainable development take place this weekend, 4-5th May at Cable Factory, Helsinki. This year Pixelache contributes with a special Trashlab Repair Cafe, which also serves as a...
Weekend of Kierrätystehdas / Recycling Factory
Open calls / Pixelache Festival / Pixelversity
'N' stands for Narrative, and this is the first in a series of events. Most of us live much of our lives in the ether. We have a mobile phone with us at all times with the result that we are always on and never truly alone. We have maps and geo-positioning...
N1 - Narrative-themed open gathering
Misc / Open calls / Pixelversity
The second Waste management expedition will take place on Friday afternoon 26.4. returns to Viikinmäki area, North-west Helsinki, this time to visit Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY)'s waste water management centre. Welcome to sign up...
Waste management expedition to HSY Viikinmäki waste-water processing plant
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Recycling Olympic Games (ROG) is an alternative sports event that is focused on creative waste-reuse, where international teams compete for the title of “Upcycling Champion of the Gulf of Finland" and a trophy. The Games will be held over a week in early...
Recycling Olympic Games
News / Open calls / Pixelversity
‘Case Pyhäjoki: Artistic reflections on nuclear influence’ is a transdisciplinary artistic expedition, production workshop and presentation events in Pyhäjoki, North Ostrobothnia, Finland, 31.7. – 12.8.2013. The sixth nuclear power plant of Finland is...
News / Pixelversity
Each month we organise and promote a Trashlab Repair Cafe event at a different location. In April, Kulmahuone (Siltasaarenkatu 15) hosts the repair cafe event on Saturday 20.4. from 14-17. Kulmahuone is an inspiring studio and workspace of freelancers,...
Trashlab Repair Cafe at Kulmahuone
News / Pixelversity
Welcome to visit the audiovisual installation Metasphere a collaboration between Irina Spicaka (concept, visual design and mapping), Krisjanis Rijnieks (creative code, technical structure) and Platon Buravicky (sound) (all LV), on display at Node Gallery,...
News / Pixelversity
The Creative Coding for Live Visuals performance event, as part of AAVE Festival, will take place at Bar Sandro in Helsinki on Saturday April 13, from 22:00-02:00. AVVX + BALTIC DIVING CO. (EE+PT/FI), AXEL THESLEFF (FI) & VIDEO JACK (PT/FI), DKSTR &...
Creative Coding performances at Bar Sandro
News / Pixelversity
Six proposals are introduced below for creative art+science, participatory and open approaches to environmental education and awareness in the Gulf of Finland Year 2014- / Baltic Sea region. They were first presented by Andrew Gryf Paterson at the Gulf of...
Misc / Recommended events
March 21, from 17–19, Kiasma Seminar RoomWhat does World of Warcraft, the massively popular multiplayer online role-playing game, have to do with feminism, public space, and performative artistic practice? HIAP Talks in March will investigate the gendered...
News / Pixelache Residencies
This post is made as the epilogue of my micro-residency at Pixelache during March 18-22 2013. You can find a post on my blog about my expectations and anticipation made on the first day, which was for me to make sense of the collaboration. It's been already...