Videoblast! & VJ teaching in Finland

The Pixelache University event last week (Videoblast! event initiated by VJ Finland) was even a bit too successful - with a lot of people packed into a small venue it was difficult for everyone to see and hear what was going on... But it was nice to see many familiar faces!


The event featured presentations by students from Taik Media Lab, who had participated Mia Mäkelä's 'Realtime Visual Workshop'. During the workshop the students had created various 'live cinema' experiments using Isadora software.


The theme for this year's Pixelache is Pixelache University, and one interesting topic for us is how subcultures and grassroot networks can infiltrate into the educational system. This seems to be happening in Finland with VJ culture - in addition to Mia's workshop, VJ PHOQ / exploitec is giving a VJ workshop at Academy of Fine Arts, and Tampere University of Applied Sciences is working on a project VJ-inspired project Bumping into (New) Media in Public Space (to be presented at Pixelache 2008 Helsinki).