An international crew of journalists, poets, artists and software developers

Presentation at the Dot Org Boom - Activist afternoon on Suomenlinna, Friday 15th 13:00-17:00

Audiovisual performance at PixelACHE Club in Umo Jazz House on Saturday 16th

Streamtime is a loose network of media activists dedicated to assist local media to get connected. Streamtime uses old and new media for the production of content and networks in the fields of media, arts, culture and activism in crisis areas, like Iraq.

On Wednesday 14th. of July 2004, between 11 a.m. and 1.30 p.m (CET) the first live streaming radio transmission was realized from Baghdad, facilitated by the Streamtime campaign. On the 30th of June, two weeks before, the first ever internet radio program came from the Kurdish village of Halabja, which suffered a poison gas attack by order of the former Iraqi president.

The flow of Streamtime is determined by shared needs, skills, knowledge and experiences of all involved. Openness, free publishing (copy left), easy access, low-to-no literacy and multi-linguality are guidelines. Open source software will be preferred and stimulated.

Streamtime wants to research, indicate, point to amazing stories of people that, against all odds, are building a new Iraq. We want to help break the media barriers, provide tools and knowledge to build their own radio broadcast stations, make programs and exchange content.


Cecile Landman
Worked as an independent journalist from Rome, Italy; researched on (petro) chemical industries for Greenpeace; investigated in Italy and The Netherlands on women traffic for Blinn (Bounded Labour in the Netherlands), researched recently on ‘Investigative Journalism’ in Italy for the VVOJ (dutch-flemish investigative journalists association). Works since June 2004 on the Streamtime project.

Eleonora Oreggia
A modem is a device to MOdulate and DEModulate
a signal can be communicated to do more than one thing at once
You can describe yourself as anything that you want to (a note of warning...)
and no one will be any wiser selectively decide who reads
It is much safer when there is no physical evidence
if you intend your system a safe place to express your opinions