Special bonus presentation on Saturday 1 April 11 am: ChDh
By the initiative of Helsinki University of Technology
Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing,
we've decided to add one bonus lecture to the Pixelache
festival program, more info below...

TKK:n akustiikan tutkimuksen laboratorion aloitteesta
olemme lisänneet ohjelmaan yhden bonusluennon,
tarkemmat tiedot alla....

- - - -

Dear friends,

As you may know, the upcoming Pixelache festival (30.3 - 2.4) contains
excellent audio-visual works, performances, and presentations:

Among these, the ChDh (Cyrille Henry & Nicolas Montgermont, FR)
performance is based on virtual instruments which are simultaneously
controlling sound and visual elements. Henry and Montgermont are
also the authors of pd-externals pmpd [1] and msd, respectively.

Pixelache organizers are now offering a special additional program
slot (1h) on Saturday, Apr 1st, 11 am at Kiasma seminar room for
presentation/discussion on the technical/implementation aspects
behind the ChDh project, before the official program starts at 12.
Do not miss this interesting occasion.

Please pass the info around.

TIME: 11:00 - 12:00, April 1st, 2006
PLACE: Kiasma Seminar Room.
EVENT: Presentation / Discussion by Cyrille Henry & Nicolas Montgermont, FR

[1] pmpd is a pd external library that provides real-time audio-visual
simulations based on physical behavior of objects. pmpd can be used
to create natural dynamical systems, like a bouncing ball, string
movement, Brownian movement, chaos, fluid dynamics, sand,
gravitation, etc., and thus allows a completely dynamic approach
of pd computing.