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Social Responsibility & Design: Future Development of Suburbs Lecture Series
Social Responsibility & Design research platform, based in University of Helsinki Geosciences and Geography department, begins on Thursday 17.11. from 13-15 a lecture series on the future development of suburbs from both a local and international perspective. Public attendees are encouraged to attend the multi-disciplinary series at the University Main Building (Fabianinkatu) which covers artistic, community, environmental and economic angles. There are several events in December, and next year in January, February and start of March 2012. It is a partnership between the above-mentioned department, British Council Finland, Goethe Institute, Aalto University, Doctoral Programme in the Built Environment, and other partners for the World Design Capital official programme. For more information: http://www.responsibledesign.fi/index.php/suburban

This lecture series has been arranged as part of the Helsinki 2012 World Design Capital and is part of the Social Responsibility & Design project. The lectures will explore the future development of suburbs through combining the knowledge of local experts from different fields and draw out the key local challenges, and reflect upon their successes and failures. In doing so the lectures will stimulate fruitful discussion that will be of benefit to urban planners, designers or constructors of the suburban built environment and those interested in the issue of social and ecological sustainability. It is hoped that the sharing of experiences from the case studies will reveal clearer pathways as to how the challenges that face the future development of suburbs might be better addressed in Finland and beyond.

The series will bring to Finland distinguished speakers from around Europe, each approaching the development and design of suburbs from a different angle. These events bring together local universities, cultural institutions and experts as well experts from other European countries.