SF&L - Frank Schaap & Lisa Sportel
Screenshot of a show

Lisa working with paint

Performance on Thursday 14.4., 18:00-18:30
Kiasma Theatre

Participating in VJ-jamming on Friday night 15.4.
Satellite event at Club Bundolo / Uniq

by Studio Frank & Lisa
- Frank Schaap & Lisa Sportel
(Groningen, The Netherlands)

We use a plain old ‘window’ and 3ccd camera on a tripod as a realtime analog cutting, pasting and smudging with paint, sheets and all sorts of fluid. We want to create an atmosphere that is rather raw in design. In our veejaying we use text animations to give comment on todays, mostly Dutch, society. We try to make motion graphics have its own character, like someone's handwriting. We also use a lot of humor. In normal daytime hours we are a graphic design studio designing 2d printwork, illustration and interior design for events. At night we experiment with video and motion typography to create ‘moving posters’. And so far, we are going in a good direction.

Frank at work