See your brain!
adam and his brain

Brainmirror is an interactive installation for exploring the structure of human brain, created by Adam Somlai-Fischer, Bengt Sjölén and Danil Lundbäck. The interface has been made very simple and natural - brain is visualized on top of a mirror image of the visitor, allowing people to explore different parts of the brain by turning their head.

The brainmirror is a good example of a strand of experimental work which tries integrate audiovisual media in a more natural way to physical space. This type of work was featured extensively at PixelACHE 2004, with projects such as Distributed Projection Structure from aether architecture (Adam Somlai-Fischer & co) and Open Source Architecture Experiment (Usman Haque, Adam Somlai-Fisher, Ophra Wolf, Margot Jacobs, Andrew Paterson), BrandBody (Tuomo Tammenpää) and many others...

Similar work can be seen this weekend in Riga, at Space and Perception international symposium on Mixed Reality.