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Res Agri (resilient technologies for urban agriculture) peer-learning process begins!
This peer-learning initiative aims to develop and study and gather knowledge on appropriate agriculture technologies, organic nutrient processing and hydroculture systems, powered with renewable energy sources.

Initiated by Mikko Laajola, activity focuses on common, recycled and scrap materials, guerilla gardening and reclaimed urban sites, as well as greenhouse and indoors technologies.

The process is open, so bring in your projects or proposals!

According to the participants and the emerging projects, there will be smaller meetings and workshops in groups. So far there are a couple of projects proposed, including: Windmill pumps for hydroponics and guerilla gardening watering systems, compost tumbler, compost tea brewing for hydroculture, vermicomposting, 'barrelponics' or similar modular hydroponics system and DIY-aeroponics. The knowledge learned from the projects is documented and shared online.

From 19.-20.5. We'll lay down the basis for the workshop-series by building a hexayurt greenhouse, sourcing materials, and planning the activities for the summer.  We'll meet at kääntöpöytä cafe at 14.00 on saturday 19th. Directions

More info:
Discussion and planning page in facebook:

Contact: mikko[-at-]
tel.0440 261 631

* Image credit: Charlie Vinz