Recommended events
Remix Helsinki Presentations & Workshop
Upcoming this weekend (19.-21.11. during Kallio Kipinöi), a new initiative on remix/mashup audio-visual culture in Finland is launched with presentations and a workshop with creative support by VJ PHOQ (Heikki Ryynänen from Xploitec).

Open to all, public presentations (in Finnish, with English summary) on Friday evening by Maria Candia (M-Cult), Herkko Hietanen (HIIT), Ahto Apajalahti (Piraattipuolue). On Sunday evening there will be a screening event of outcomes and other favourite clips. Please look at the schedule (presentations begin at 17.30 on Friday).

The workshop theme focuses on music and video, and legitimate creative re-use and distribution of materials, including open commons and archive materials, as well as pirate arguments for reform of copyrights. The workshop is part of EUscreen project, and is organized by Sanna Marttila, Kati Hyyppä, and Anne Luotonen from Aalto University School of Art and Design, in collaboration with Andrew Gryf Paterson, coordinator of next year's Pixelversity programme. There are still spaces to sign up for workshop...