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Polymer Scrap and the Limits of the Virtual Body 72 hour live online 24-26.1.

Friday to Sunday 24-26 January 2014, Culture Factory Polymer, Tallinn. You have heard the rumors about the mysterious disused Estonian toy factory; now hear the true story from the real people who occupy the longest running autonomous culture initiative in the former East Bloc. “For six winters Culture Factory Polymer has been studio, home, job and community.. I could tell the story of Polymer for three days straight,” says Eero Dinero who will maintain a continuous 72 hour narrative about what happened in Culture Factory Polymer in Tallinn Estonia. 72 things in Polymer embedded with meaning in 72 hours, live online. Vote for the future of this oblique Estonian collective, possess a relic of this bizarre history, tell your story, play and be a part of this epic event on Bambuser, Skype (eerodinero), Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, SMS, phone call or come visit us inside the guerilla studio behind the walls of the culture factory (Ülase 16/Madara 22, Tallinn). Follow the above event streams from Thurs. 24.1. 24.00 until Sunday 26.1. 24.00 +2 GMT. Contact for more info: This is an initiative of Ernest Truely, and is documented by Mikko Laajola, Pixelache's leading streaming media specialist. This event warms up the Pixelversity 2014 theme of InfoWork, using streaming media.