Pixelache trip to Plektrum festival in Tallinn




There are at least 2 different groups of people leaving to Tallinn for Plektrum from Helsinki during next week:

* Pixelache crew on Thursday 11.9, departure from Länsisatama at 14.30 with Tallink Silja

* Finnish VJs on Friday 12.9, departure from makasiiniterminaali at 10.30 with Superseacat


Please email office ((ät)) pixelache.ac if you want to join us!


Some recommendations on the Plektrum programme for 11.9 and 12.9:

* 11.9: WJ-s ('web jockeys') seminar and performance + discussion panel on "Hidden Spaces" 

* 12.9: Vj workshops + Plektrum Club Night at Linnahall with music acts from Estonia, France, Finnish Vjs and many more.

For additional info on the programme: www.plektrumfestival.ee