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Meet & Interact, Workshop/Consultancy: Ronald Fraser-Munroe, iKAST, 16.-21.5.

iKAST is a creative intervention and provocation that merges live action, performance, and music across digital platforms. iKAST is also about equality of access and aims to pursue a more pluralistic engagement between independent creative producers and the public to produce revolutionary digitalism that explores a diversity of voices. K3 Media's iKAST 2012 production was commissioned by and took place in Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, in partnership with FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), Liverpool, UK.

Ronald Fraser-Munroe from K3 Media is invited by Pixelache to Finland, to meet and interact with the Finnish performance art scene at this year's Perf Festival 16.5. organised by T.E.H.D.A.S. in Pori. He then will share his iKast & long professional experience in a workshop/consultancy in Helsinki, hosted at M-Cult office 19-21.5.. This activity and call for participation follows an interest in Pixelache this spring related to low-cost, independent mobile A/V streaming devices which can fit into one's pocket, or connect together in networks. Want to develop content ideas or solutions for independent or performance-based media streaming? Have a mobile device/raspberry pi/other connected device that does AV-streaming and you want to put it to creative use?

Details about both occasions below, and sign up for workshop/consultancy before 6.5.

'Meet and Interact' at Perf Festival in Pori

Time and place: 16. May, time to be confirmed, (T.E.H.D.A.S -organised venue) in Pori. Roney Fraser-Munroe will contribute to, aswell as meet and interact with the Finnish performance art scene at Perf Festival, Pori, one of the leading alternative performance arts festival in Finland organised by T.E.H.D.A.S. ry, specialising in live art, media streaming and broadcasting over the internet. He will be accompanied by Pixelache member Antti Ahonen, who is also a long-term documentor of live and performance art in Finland. Consult Perf Festival webpages for further info about 2014 festival (in due time).

iKAST Creative content production workshop/consultancy in Helsinki

Time and place: 19-21. May, 16:00-20:00 (M-Cult production office, Hämeentie 28, Helsinki) Participation fee: 20 EUR (Includes the cost of equipment materials) iKAST Creative content production workshop typically will have a previously agreed (initial) theme which individual workshop participants can use a starting point to develop an interdisciplinary (normally audio visual) individual work forming an element of the collected project content and product. The aim of such workshops is to facilitate independent artistic content production. This is delivered through the iKAST creative production process, which essentially sets up a site-specific temporary creative studio where the workshop participants collaborate to produce new short form works. Imagine iKAST as a studio based on the music studio model but producing art rather than only audio. Areas for discussion and potential action during the workshop/consultancy include: 1. Independent and alternative (to mainstream) artistic creative and media production. 2. Interdisciplinary fusions of traditional and digital arts and media practice. 3. Use of new technologies in the creative production, distribution and dissemination of art content. 4. Alternative and new creative commissioning and production models. 5. Alternative and new ‘casting’ and public presentation methodologies More information about the K3 Media iKAST 2012 production here Evening 1: Discussion & brainstorming Evening 2: Set up of site-specific temporary creative studio Evening 3: Test broadcasts using Raspberry Pi-based A/V Live streaming devices & other devices where appropriate. Register by 6.5. with email to andrew [-at-] Max participants: 15. Include an approximately 100 word statement about what you hope to gain or learn from the workshop/consultancy. (Note details of payment of workshop/consultancy fee 20€ follows registration) The iKAST workshop/consultancy is kindly supported by an AVEK Audio-visual training award.

About Ronald Fraser-Munroe

Ronald Fraser-Munroe (UK)'s creative practice includes visual art, photography, video, literature, theatre, audio, and digital art. Since 1985 his unique work has been distributed throughout the UK and internationally. Current work explores the use of digital technology in the production and distribution of contemporary, convergent media and content. K3 Media is a leading innovator in digital arts and media production and a creative consultant devising and producing new models for contemporary arts development, production and distribution. K3 Media has fifteen years plus experience of working with individuals, artists and organisations to produce contemporary multi-media art through fusions of music, visual art, photography, literature, film-video and performance with digital technology. K3 Media has delivered professional design and creative production solutions from project visualisation and planning through to commissions, multi media events, salons and exhibitions. K3 Media has a long history of creating art products which are normally physical creative works such as a publication, audio CD, DVD, t-shirt but that can also include works for virtual and media distribution. The K3 Media vision is to develop creativity whilst revitalising the creative industries through innovative practice. Encouraging creativity and the arts as tools for individual, group and organisational development are key motives.