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Kompass: Public space un-conference in Tallinn

Kompass is a gathering of organisers, artists, urbanists and active cultural instigators, held in Tallinn, Estonia on 21-22 August 2014. Kompass is a joint initiative of Totaldobze Art Centre in Riga and Ptarmigan in Tallinn, and seeks to connect Latvian and Estonian minds to address collaborative culture while developing public space and non-governmental activities.

The event begins on Thursday evening with opening presentations by Teele Pehk (Linnalabor, Tallinn), Jonas Büchel (Urban Institute, Riga) and Pixelache's own Andrew Paterson. Friday will include un-conference time and some instant workshops that are designed to produce concrete proposals to how our initiatives could work together to maximise the potential of public space in the Baltics.

Registration is open to anyone, and we encourage people even from outside of Estonia and Latvia to attend and contribute their ideas. Ptarmigan is a small space so the event will (hopefully) be intimate and productive!

More information can be found via the website, kompass.ptarmigan.ee.