Horror & Fantasy Film, Boxwars & Spa!
Heard all about the Boxwars carnage and Horror movies around the Baltic sea region?.. 
Want to join in the fun with a weekend adventure to Haapsalu, Estonia?
The self-organised 'PixelTravelAgency' offers coordinated travel next weekend, Friday 28th - Sunday 30th March 2008, for the 3rd 'Haapsalu Horror & Fantasy Film Festival' & the 1st 'Boxwars Estonia' event.  Your cross-Baltic adventure would begin in Helsinki with recent Pixelache Boxwarriors and friends, travelling to Haapsalu on the NW Coast of Estonia, staying 2 nights and returning Sunday evening. 

HOFF Festival: http://hoff.ee/ & Boxwars Estonia: http://www.hoff.ee/?63
Whether you are protecting yourself with cardboard, shrieking to the celluloid delights on film, or relaxing in the local spas; you will definately not want to return to reality. That is, the ferry, from Tallinn back to Hel.
Bargain! Just over 100€ including ferry (but not including spa treatments;)! 
Reply by 25th March for coordinated travel: balticboxwars@gmail.com
(Please look at info below, and state preferred ferry time & Hostel).
Travel details & costs 

28.03 Helsinki-Tallinn 17.00-19.00 (Tallink Star) = 38€
28.03 Helsinki-Tallinn 18.00-19.30 (Lindaline) = 29€
30.03 Tallinn-Helsinki 16.00-19.30 (Eckerö Line) = 22€
30.03 Tallinn-Helsinki 20.00-21.30 (Lindaline) = 29€   

Bus tickets Tallinn-Haapsalu-Tallinn: 2 x 6€ = 12€

2 nights in "Sport" hostel = 18€
2 nights in "Vanalinna Bowling" Hostel = 62€ (with 2 persons sharing price)

Festival pass: 15 EUR

Total costs: (38+22+12+18+15) = 105€ (in 'Sport' hostel)
Total costs: (38+22+12+31+15) = 118€ (in 'Vanalinna Bowling' Hostel)

Sauna and swimming pool complex of Thalasso Day SPA
Open every day: 15.00-22.00: 3 h = 200 EEK/12,78€ 

More info:

Accomodation & Spa webpages..
'Sport' Hostel: http://www.spordibaasid.ee/
'Vanalinna Bowling' Hostel: http://www.vanalinnabowling.ee/?id=9&page=7
'Thalasso SPA Fra Mare' Spa: http://www.framare.ee

Local transport costs can be reduced if group of 8 or more travel together, we'll arrange microbus, so travel cost between Tallinn-Haapsalu-Tallinn can be reduced to €5.