Groworld at Pixelache 2011
In March FoAM from Brussels, Amsterdam and Helsinki will bring the groworld project to Pixelache.

Groworld is a long running project investigating the relationship between plants and people. In the past it has involved teaching workshops on guerrilla gardening, looking at plants as inspiration as organisational models, investigating permaculture, creating games that make you see the world from a plant's viewpoint and designing patabotanical worlds of fantastical plant relationships.

We pick up the thread from last year's activities by The Herbologies/Foraging Networks, and use the Aronia berry (Chokeberry) as a common connection that will bring together game designers, gardeners, electronics experimenters and urban foragers with a set of hands on workshops, discussions and experiments.

There will be edible solar cell workshops using the aronia berry as a sustainable power source (for body or electronic devices), an augmented ecology meeting with demonstrations of Boskoi, a mobile foraging application used to map out aronia plants (amongst others). We will be inviting you to make seedballs and take part in game design workshops involving permaculture guilds incorporating the aronia berry - helping us to develop our online multiplayer permaculture game called Germination X.

We (Lina Kusaite, Bart Vandeput, Theun Karelse and Dave Griffiths) will be blogging more detail on our sections of the groworld event as we approach the festival time.