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Demoteekki - Your Local Underground Library: Bring your works!
For Camp Pixelache demo-stalls Demoteket is planning to make a Finnish version of their underground library established in both Denmark and Sweden. Demoteket is based on works by local artists - so please bring your own works along! Music, zines, books, software, drawings - anything goes!

They can be found at the Demo Stalls (2nd floor corridor) at Camp Pixelache on Saturday 12.5. from 12.30-20.00

Demoteket is an underground library integrated into 6 of the public libraries in Copenhagen, Denmark. Each library has a Demoteket shelving unit – built by different Do It Yourself artists from Copenhagen. This shelving unit provides a platform for the local underground movement in all its forms. Whether you’ve made a few bedroom drawings or have set up an indie record company, you can hand in your work to Demoteket. Others will then be able to borrow it on the same lines as Stig Larsson or any other mainstream material. As an artist you will no longer need a record or publishing deal in order to reach an audience. And anybody curious enough to make it down the local library will have a direct ticket to what’s going on on the underground cultural scene – from dubplates to zines, from poetry to art films, from street art to stencils. You might even be able to find just the right person to do the art work for your next short film…

The internet has already provided a platform for the democratisation of cultural distribution – at least in its digital form. Demoteket complements this tendency by creating a platform for art in its more tactile and unique forms. A unique cut of a dubplate folded into a homemade silk print cover does have a different sound and charm than most youtube-soundfiles can compete with… In Copenhagen these unique productions have now landed at the age-old bastion of free culture: the public libraries.