Busy event season in August + September!
Pixelache and our dear colleagues around the world are organising plenty of events in August + September, here is a short summary...

* Interferenze 2006, San Martino Valle Caudina, 3-5 August
* UMF, Turku, 4-6 August
* Live Cinema Nights / ISEA 2006, San Jose, 7-10 August
* ART + COMMUNICATION 2006: WAVES, Riga, 24-26 August
* Critique of creative industries - seminar, Helsinki, 31 August - 2 September
* Ars Electronica, Linz, 31 August - 5 September

And you should also check out:

* Piksel06, Bergen
Call for Participation (deadline 1 August!)
* Doors of Perception 9, New Delhi
Call for Projects (deadline 8 September!)

* * *

And here is more information...

* * *

Piksel06 Call for Participation
deadline 1 August!

Piksel is an annual event for artists and developers working with open source audiovisual software. Part workshop, part festival, it is organised in Bergen, Norway, by the Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts (BEK) and involves participants from more than a dozen countries exchanging ideas, coding, presenting art and software projects, doing workshops, performances and discussions on the aesthetics and politics of open source.

This years event - Piksel06 - continues the exploration of audiovisual code and it's myriad of expressions, but also brings in open hardware as a new focus area. At Piksel06 we will expand the exhibition part and build upon the open hardware theme, which represents a potential for a new paradigm shift of vital importance for independent artistic expression in the digital domain.

* * *

Interferenze 2006, San Martino Valle Caudina
3-5 August

Theme 2006: Naturalis Electronica

Interactive art section curated by Juha Huuskonen / Pixelache, featuring work from Casey Reas, LeCielEstBleu, Ralf Schreiber, Richard Widerberg & Zeenath Hasan (IMPROVe), Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski (Aquatic) and Dinah Bird & Jean-Philippe Renoult & Kate Sieper (An Earful of Italy).

The music program of Interferenze 2006 features Biosphere, AGF, Vladislav Delay, Deadbeat, Emi Maeda + LIA, o.blaat and many others...

* * *

UMF, Turku
4-6 August

The annual showcase of best Finnish electronic beats, this time with special international guest Autechre!

UMF features visuals by several VJ collectives (visual systeemi, xploitec, etc) who have been actively involved in previous Pixelache festival editions.

* * *

Live Cinema Nights / ISEA 2006, San Jose
7-10 August

Live Cinema Nights event is organised in connection with ISEA 2006 International Symposium of Electronic Art.

Curated with input from four top international media organizations – PixelAche, Sonic Acts, Hangar and Club Transmediale – the show includes artists from more than a dozen countries, and will take place August 8 -10, 2006, at Club Glo in San Jose.

The Pixelache section of Live Cinema Nights features Sue Costabile & Laetitia Sonami (US), VJ Pata de Perro (Colombia), Jarryd Lowder (US), O Samuli A (Finland) and Nuutti Koskinen (Finland).

* * *

The 8th International New Media Art festival
August 24 - 26, 2006 in Riga, Latvia

In 2006 The "Art + Communication" festival, organised by the RIXC in Riga, celebrates its 10th anniversary and the 8th edition. For the first time the festival is conceived as a large-scale exhibition -- WAVES -- that looks at electromagnetic waves as the principle material - the medium - of media art.

The WAVES exhibition brings together about 40 international works of (media) art by 70 artists from 18 different countries, in which electromagnetic waves are seen not just as carriers of information, but as the material and/or theme of the artwork.

* * *

Ars Electronica, Linz
31 August - 5 September

The Ars Electronica Campus this year features work from the Media Lab of University of Art and Design Helsinki.

Pixelache has every year presented some new work from UIAH students and researchers so therefore you can find many past Pixelache highlights at Ars Electronica this year: Animaatiokone animation machine, Aquatic interactive sound installation, IMPROVe sound improvisation project etc...

* * *

A seminar and workshop in Helsinki from
August 31st to September 2nd, 2006

A cooperation of FRAME Finnish Fund for Art Exchange and eipcp European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies.

The Critique of Creative Industries seminar and workshop will assemble different national and urban case studies, put up a general critique of creative industries and theorize from different angles of Europe how the paradigm of creativity contributes to constituting cognitive capitalism. Seminar will take place at the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki.

* * *

Doors of Perception 9, New Delhi - Call for Projects
deadline 8 September!


Food continuously circulates through the landscape into our homes and Bodies. It thereby organizes our calorific, symbolic and social energies. Juice, the essence of food, can also mean credit, electricity, access, flavor and love. The topic of food, as product as well as service, as metaphor as well as material, as energy as well as connectedness, will preoccupy us at Doors of Perception 9. The encounter will be held in New Delhi from 28 February to 4 March 2007.
Doors 9 begins with a two-day Project Leaders Round Table. This might involve you if your project is concerned with:
- Innovative ways to share, prepare, cook and eat food;
- Urban farming, new links between producer and consumer;
- Practices that transform urban-countryside interactions;
- Sustainable packaging and distribution scenarios;
- Effective uses of new technologies in relation to food.

The deadline for receipt of proposals is Friday 8 September 2006. Projects should be informed by a real location or situation and engage multiple disciplines and dimensions. Hypothetical, conceptual, and unrealizable proposals will not be favoured.

Proposals will be reviewed in September based on a concise project description. Send us an email (Subject header: “juice project”) on these five points:
a) title of your project;
b) 10 word description;
c) 100 word description;
d) name(s) of author(s);
e) URL

Your proposals will be reviewed by:
Aditya Dev Sood, Centre for Knowledge Societies (CKS);
Debra Solomon, culiblog.org;
Juha Huuskonen, PixelAche;
Amy Franseschini, futurefarmers;
John Thackara, Doors of Perception.

Notification of finalists will be by Friday 22 September. If invited, you will need to pay for your travel to India, but we will cover your accommodation, food, and basic event costs, as well as your registration fees for Doors 9. Send your project description to: editor [[at]] doorsofperception.com