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Award-winning Naked on Pluto project & new study group on Virtuality

Join us next week for the closing presentation of Pixelversity 2011 on Wednesday 9.11. from 18-20 in Pixelache office, Cable Factory, when Dave Griffiths returns to present the award-winning Naked on Pluto project, a Multiplayer Text Adventure on Facebook, that "explores the limits and nature of social networks from within, slowly pushing the boundaries of what is tolerated by the companies that own them, carefully documenting this process as we go". It was developed during a shared residency at NIMk, BALTAN Laboraties and Piksel, between June and November 2010, by Dave Griffiths, Aymeric Mansoux and Marloes de Valk. It was further developed in June 2011 with help from AVEK.

This session also introduces one of next years Pixelversity themes; The ‘Social Identity, Augmented Reality & Virtuality’ Study Group, initiated by Owen Kelly, which will explore over the next year digital tools, and interfaces between public / private, personal / social & real / virtual. Welcome to join this introduction session to contribute to plans and ambitions for next year, and help to shape the agenda!