Audiovisual Hacking!

Self-made instrument by Gijs Gieskes (NL)

Audiovisual Hacking is one of the themes of this year's Pixelache. It explores the potential of creating images/light/visuals/pixels and other blinking, sparkling and twinkling things from electronic junk, discarded toys and cheap components.

The Audiovisual Hacking workshop taking place this Saturday 28.2 at the Association of Experimental Electronics' headquarters is now fully booked. But no worries, Antti Ahonen and Tuomo Tammenpää are planning more bending and hacking action for the Pixelache festival week, including workshops and other surprises. Among the surprises is the participation of Gijs Gieskes, our special guest from the Netherlands.

More info about the Audiovisual Hacking programme coming soon. Stay tuned!

>> Association for Experimental Electronics: www.koelse.org
>> Tuomo Tammenpää: www.misusage.org
>> Gijs Gieskes: www.gieskes.nl