Afropixel: open source tools and WikiAfrica


The first Afropixel (organised by Kër Thiossane) was a great success! The open source programming tool Pure Data was a major discovery for many of the participants of the Bricolabs workshop (some of them came all the way from Mali - a bus ride that took two days and nights)



* Afropixel photos

* Bricolabs video: or download as 16 Mb Qtime video
* BBC World Service / Digital planet radio interview (Afropixel part starting at 15:54)


WikiAfrica/Palabre is a project aiming to 'africanise' Wikipedia through different networks, research projects, publications and events. WikiAfrica contributes texts, citations, images, audio and audiovisual documents to online and offline Wikimedia projects.


About WikiAfrika:

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* Lettera27 / WikiAfrika Art (in English)