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RT @LongPlay_fi: Yle: Pakkolunastukset Pyhäjoella etenevät – Hanhikiven mökeissä ei ensi kesää nähdä. #journalismiralli…
RT @TeslaMotors: Shocking: "Fossil fuels subsidised by $10m a minute", says @IMFNews.
Read about our experience at the Hacking Culture Bootcamp in Amsterdam! #euscreenxl #euscreen
@hyksos @DoItAnyway2015 Sure thing!
@real_mkk @DoItAnyway2015 Let's start a band back in Hki, I'll bow a tree trunk
This world is not my home. I'm just passing through.
My instrument #Scavenged_soundings_workshop @DoItAnyway2015
On the distance between digital subjects and humans olgagoriunova in Aalto Festival
Welcome to the opening of Making_Life at Lasipalatsi Näyttely, Helsinki 22nd of May 17h-19h Helsinki #making_life
"Life has an infinite number of forms" says Tesla in this great interview #tesla
RT @DoItAnyway2015: we thought we had a gas leak and cleared the festival...and then we discovered the the culprate, a packet of wafers! ht…
Photo: femalepressure: Ana Gutieszca (aka Arta): visual & sound artist, noisemaker [photo: Eeva Karhu]...
RT @DoItAnyway2015: Mari Keski-Korsu @real_mkk posing questions about how we treat animals, what we can learn and how to communicate with h…
RT @DoItAnyway2015: Do It Anyway Festival 2015 starts tonight, 7pm, at Access Space!
I just started following Jacopo Jenna on Vimeo:
Sascha Pohflepp's great imgs from Climate Whirl II #climatewhirl #hyytiälä #albedo #forest
I like MongoDB conceptually, but Mongoid isn't ready for production. My first project with it and I've found 2 shocking bugs on UPDATEs.
Discussing preliminary results from survey that #avoinglam is analysing on open content, data and practices @sannamarttila
Photoset: david-bolin: plusarchitekt: Pen and Pencil - VigilismThese are the first of a series of small...
RT @neealaa: Hacking at the gorgeous Theatrum Anatomicum #EuropeanaTV @ Waag Society
I just liked "Documentary MusicMakers Hacklab at CTM Festival 2015" on Vimeo:
@TimOliverAU iComics has just become my favourite comic viewer. Its so light and works so well with all the iOS8 goodness :)
I just started following Fatima Bianchi on Vimeo:
RT @creativactivism: Creative Activism #creativact is out! Stories via @real_mkk @EmmaRenold @ChangeThruArt
RT @R_Degrowth: A degrowth response to the ecomodernist manifesto from R&D's Giorgos Kallis will also be... http://…