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@mbsjq @SuperRare Great! Love your work!
@Vyshnevskyy @mbsjq @FleshNft @SuperRare ..and what kind of a helmet passes liquids through?
@trevorjonesart Yep. Looking good!
@Matteyy_ @SuperRare I saw the making of on Discord! Great work!
@mileninelim 😂les voy a decir a mis hijes que no creen lo mismo
@VictoriaVRcom Thank you! I´m super glad you liked it!
My first NFT mint: CGA AbunDance! Check out this #NFT for sale on Mintable! Pick up 'CGA AbunDance' before its swo…
March 03, 2021 at 12:37PM Hello Kristina, goodbye. Someone might find this article interesting!
Will it mint? #NFTdrop #blockchain #nftart
20 years ago I did internet art: Today I did NFT art!
RT @uzongwu: saw this and wanted to share!! scholarship opportunity for African animators
@ColaBoraBora @REASEuskadi @karraskan @wiki_toki @eidedesign @SareanGunea @GoratuzKoop @santiagoeraso @ZEMOS98…
March 02, 2021 at 12:12PM The Potato Heads. Someone might find this article interesting!
February 26, 2021 at 11:53AM Headline of the week: arson. Someone might find this article interesting!
I guess "videogames" is a misleading term. This top-tier pro plays "audiogames":
@machin3io How about 6DOF support? VR modelling is sweet!
@SuperRare @Coldie @mbsjq @Hackatao @Micah_Johnson3 @smogoneart @xsullo @killeracid @arc4g @Jparkedart Looking good!
@snerko Yeah. But both can kill the masseter muscles :D
@flyfishcedarci1 @thesheetztweetz Yeah. For the tweet that it probably needs to be adjusted.
RT @thesheetztweetz: NASA Commercial Crew program manager Steve Stich says the SpaceX Crew-2 launch is scheduled for 4/20 but the agency wi…
@CryptoCobain Don't say that yet ;) Once the artist starts shilling, you can sell. A self-fulfilling prophecy. Kind of.
@teemul @MikaPantzar @MikkoJalas @eevabee Ideat 👇🏼👇🏼
La ilustración y el dibujo son un lenguage en sí - tienen la capacidad de traducir un mensaje universalmente y deja…
@CryptoCobain How would the buyer know it's the real thing? afaik all seed words need to be correct to test :D
Audible Infrastructures ”discusses music in the contexts of natural and human resources, circulation and transmissi…
Looking at our emotional relationships to work. When does work start and end? presents Com…
I just posted "Common Practice - Episode 003" on Reddit