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Saša Nemec on valmistunut Ljubljanan Teksnisluonnontieteelisestä tiedekunnasta Sloveniasta, hän on aikaisemmin suorittanut osan opiskelustaan Tekstiili ja vaatesuunnittelun linjalla Winchesterin taidekoulussa Englannissa.


Viime vuosina hän on toiminut vapaaehtoisena Vaatevallankumouksessa sekä järjestänyt säännöllisesti vaatteiden korjaamiseen keskittyviä Repair-a-thon tapahtumia joiden tarkoitus on tuoda yhteen ihmisiä ja kertoa vastuullisesta kuluttamisesta. Osallistujia kannustetaan osallistumaan yhteisölliseen toimintaan ja tuomaan omat vaatteet korjattaviksi, muokattaviksi tai kierrätettäviksi.



Saša Nemec was born in Nova Gorica, Slovenia in 1986. She received her MSc in Fashion and Textile Design from the University of Ljubljana in 2015. Nemec has exhibited and performed in Slovenia and abroad, especially in Finland where she has been residing for the past four years.


Her practice spans between exploration of new technologies and the use of age-old techniques. From mending a loose button to creating garments with 3D scanning technology. Her graduation research and fashion collection were presented in the eponymous first solo exhibition titled ‘Untitled’ at the Tir gallery in Nova Gorica (2013). Later on, she continued her textile-based research through the Repair-a-thon project, a repeating event held internationally of which the purpose is to inform and engage the community about responsible consumption and repairing. The event has been presented, amongst others, at the Pixelache Helsinki Festival (2017), Helsinki Design Museo (2018), The Fashion Colloquium in Arnhem (2018) and will be presented as a larger installation at this year’s BIO26 design biennial in Ljubljana. The artist continued the research as part of the Collective Intelligence working group, with the work Threading Gibellina, presented at the Orestiadi Foundation, Gibellina as part of the Manifesta12 Collateral Events and at the Il Traffico project, part of the Manifesta12 5x5x5 events (2018).


On the other hand, her project Inside/Outside, which addresses our inability to transfer our conscience into the digital world, was presented at the Triennial of Young Artists - Premiera 2018 at the Centre for Contemporary Arts Celje and at this year’s Speculum Artium media festival in Trbovlje, Slovenia.


Today, Nemec works and lives between Helsinki, Finland and her hometown Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

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