Egle Oddo

Board member | Years as member: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022


Egle Oddo b. 1975 in Italy. Her work focuses on linear and non-linear narration as an art form. Interested in operational realism, meant as the presentation of the functional sphere in an aesthetic arrangement and its inter-relations, she combines photography, moving image, installation, sculpture, environmental art, and experimental live art.

In her pieces industrial production morphs towards delicate handcraft, life forms appear and emerge out of sculptures and objects, film photography appropriate digital images, selected trash mix with fashion, precious edible minerals and ancestral recipes are served as part of ritual meals. Her work is present at international biennials, Museums and relevant institutions, as well as cutting edge and independent alternative spaces and events.

Her work has been exhibited in Venice Biennale, Baltic Biennale, Transmediale, Biquini wax, Casablanca Biennial of contemporary art, BAM - Biennial Mediterranean Archipelago, La Sala Naranja, Hermitage Museum, Macro Museum in Rome, Kitsch International, Kiasma Museum of contemporary art, EMMA Museum of modern art, and other venues.

She moved to Helsinki in 2005 where she founded Namastic Art Collective with Toni Ledentsa and Virva Sointu. At present she is chair of Pixelache trans-disciplinary platform for experimental art, research and activism, and board member of Myymälä2 contemporary art gallery. She is member of Catalysti Association of Transcultural Artists in Finland, and Muu association of professional artists in Finland.

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05 June 2022 20:22
* In the picture: Mohammed Laouli, Les Sculptures n'étaient pas blanches, 2020, courtesy the artist. ANOTHER STORY: AN INTERVIEW WITH KISITO ASSANGNI In 2019 I started to think about the Pixelache 20th Anniversary approaching in 2022. During the years we had several survays and reviews of...
26 October 2019 12:05
BAM - Mediterranean Archipelago Biennialis an international festival of theater, music and visual arts focused on the themes of reception and dialogue.The 2019 edition of BAMentitled ÜberMauer, takes place in the year in which three anniversaries of important politicalevents occur: the...
22 December 2018 17:49
In October 2017 the Collective Intelligence group was invited to spend one month in Palermo and work together with Dimora Oz, an artists-run association focusing on relational art and place-making processes. This initial choice led to a chain of very fruitful events and activities. With this text...
22 September 2017 12:52
Interview with Samuli Kemppi, playing live Friday 22.9 at 00:00 outdoors nearby Oranssi Building. How do you see the evolution of techno in recent years? There is wide variety of techno, so the best way is to examine the evolution of techno from your own personal perspective. Of course as a...
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