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20 years ago I did internet art: Today I did NFT art!
RT @uzongwu: saw this and wanted to share!! scholarship opportunity for African animators
I guess "videogames" is a misleading term. This top-tier pro plays "audiogames":
@machin3io How about 6DOF support? VR modelling is sweet!
@SuperRare @Coldie @mbsjq @Hackatao @Micah_Johnson3 @smogoneart @xsullo @killeracid @arc4g @Jparkedart Looking good!
@snerko Yeah. But both can kill the masseter muscles :D
@flyfishcedarci1 @thesheetztweetz Yeah. For the tweet that it probably needs to be adjusted.
RT @thesheetztweetz: NASA Commercial Crew program manager Steve Stich says the SpaceX Crew-2 launch is scheduled for 4/20 but the agency wi…
@CryptoCobain Don't say that yet ;) Once the artist starts shilling, you can sell. A self-fulfilling prophecy. Kind of.
@CryptoCobain How would the buyer know it's the real thing? afaik all seed words need to be correct to test :D
Can we dream together? Seems like our biological hardware is already equipped to the task.
@elonmusk Do biological machines (we) dream of our creator? I guess Teslas in the future will dream of Musk!
RT @CapbaseInc: On the importance of iteration and experimentation for startups: "Even if you don't have the right idea, you'll just keep…
@MikkoLevon Kannattaa sitä ennen kokeilla myydä kympillä.
RT @scottbelsky: 8 Reasons WHY Crypto Art (& NFT tech) is the greatest unlock of artist opportunity in 100+ years. This isn’t a suboptimal…
RT @BlenderNation: New post: Linux 3DCS - surgical planning in your hand #b3d
RT @Schmeroja: @nosfe @tomistro Sitä tuohtuneisuuden määrää, jos joltain anarkistiksi leimattavalta olisi löytynyt mutka. Li Anderssonia va…
Broke the iPhone glass. Now trying to restore the calendar with this:
An interesting article about Corporate IP's and copyrights protecting the big players:
RT @BlenderNation: Krita 2.9.0 is now available for download #b3d
RT @KiasmaMuseum: Näinkin voi maalata - värikäs timelapse The Paintings of Holton Rower
Facebook is definitely down. I guess we have to start the morning by actually working. #facebookdown