Collective Intelligence goes Echangeur

Collective Intelligence goes Echangeur in 2022-2023

Collective Intelligence is a series of deep dive sessions up to one month long; encounters where artists, thinkers and activists work on parallel and shared projects, influencing each other in a convivial frame. The focus in on presence and time, experimental process and curiosity. The activity does not come across as curated content or framework, and its outcomes are not set in advance. As a possibility, participants exchange practices and visions, they feel the context and create a common context. If this naturally leads-to and produces individual or collective outcomes it is welcome, but it is not compulsory. Bluntly put: production of artworks or exhibitions is not our aim, but if it happens it is sustained. Initiated by Egle Oddo in 2016, the project took inspiration from Pixelache rhizomatic and cluster-like chaotic projects. Here you can read about the beginning and past activity with Collective Intelligence in 2017in 2018in 2019, and in 2020Past article on Voima Magazine.

This time the dialogue starts thanks to France-based artist Carita Savolainen who has been interested in interacting with Collective Intelligence group and with Myymälä2. She has set an exchange with a group of artists living and working in France: Carita SavolainenMarie-Cécile Conilh de Beyssac, Nina Schipoff, Alain Léonési, Gilles Bingisser. The participants of Collective Intelligence group: Alan Bulfin, Ingrid André, Marjatta Oja, Irina MuttSaša Nemec, Antti Ahonen, Veera Kuusisto, Mathilde Palenius, Steve Maher, Timo Tuhkanen and Egle Oddo.

The place and time of the exchange:

- From 1st to 15th of December 2022  the artists based in France will be at HIAP Villa Eläintarha Residency in Helsinki. During this period all the artists involved and guests will use Myymälä2 gallery as shared studio, a space for encounter and experimentation. 

- In February 2023 a few members of Collective Intelligence group (Alan Bulfin, Marjatta Oja, Irina Mutt and Veera Kuusisto) will have a two weeks residency at the Echangeur22, in St. Laurent des Arbres, France. The same idea of experimentation and dialogue is the core of the residency in France too.